Programs: Therapeutic Foster Care

Foster Mother with Young Boy Holding a Dandelion

Our Therapeutic Foster Care Program serves children ages 4 through 18 with severe emotional and behavioral issues. Combining out-of-home placement with intensive treatment, this community-based program provides a full range of treatment services in a homelike environment.

Foster homes are located throughout Jackson County. Most youths served are from Southern Oregon, although referrals are accepted from across the state.

Treatment Approach

The Therapeutic Foster Care Program is based on the individual needs of the youth within the context of the therapeutic home. The multidisciplinary treatment team develops specific behavioral goals and interventions for each youth using the milieu of family, school, and the community as part of the treatment process. The average length of stay is 18 months to two years. The goal is to enable the child’s returning home, placement in long-term foster care, or adoption.


The program integrates several treatment modalities to meet the individual needs of each child and family. These include individual, group, and family counseling; structured recreation; building community connections; academic tutoring; skills training and supervised academic study time; and vocational training.

In addition to these components, milieu therapy is used to stabilize children and promote the development of appropriate coping and conflict resolution skills as well as anger control. The treatment helps participants improve peer and family relationships, and it reduces the effects of behavioral and emotional disorders.

The specific array of services delivered to each youth is determined by an individualized planning process using a team approach that involves the youth, family members, case workers, service providers, and advocates. This process consists of a thorough assessment of the strengths and needs of the youth as well as identification of desired outcomes and the services needed to achieve those outcomes.

Respite Care

Family Solutions also provides respite care for foster parents. Please contact us for more details.

More Information

Contact Family Solutions for more details about the program or information regarding referrals or call Residential Program Manager Laura Maitrejean, MSW, directly at 541.776.5793, x210.

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