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Welcome to Family Solutions. We offer a comprehensive array of mental health services for children, adolescents, and families. See Programs for our full list of services.


With the highest ethical and professional standards, Family Solutions provides a continuum of community-based mental health services for children, youths, and their families.

Our Treatment Philosophy

Our treatment philosophy is based on the value of preserving family integrity by helping children and families build on their strengths and empowering them to identify and implement solutions to their problems. Our guiding principles are: 1) respect for the family’s strengths and wisdom and 2) finding resources within the individual child, family, and community. We draw on all relevant community resources to provide an integrated and supportive response.

Family Solutions is committed to working with children/youth and families in a manner that is reflective of the consideration and evaluation of the role that trauma plays in the lives of the individuals that we serve. Family Solutions’ services should be responsive to the vulnerabilities of trauma survivors and delivered in a way that will avoid inadvertent re-traumatization, minimize the effects of trauma on the individual, and help in the recovery from traumatic experiences.


Family Solutions represents the combination of two formerly independent agencies: Southern Oregon Child Study & Treatment Center (SOCSTC) which was founded in 1972, and Family Friends, founded in 1984. We first began exploring the idea of combining our organizations in fall 2008. Our successful 15-month partnership culminated in officially becoming one agency in January 2010.

Together, we provide a continuum of mental health services to children, youths, and their families. Our name, Family Solutions, reflects our commitment to preserving individual and family integrity by helping children and families build on their innate strengths. Family Solutions empowers participants by guiding them through the process of identifying and implementing solutions to their problems.

The organization began as one of six Day and Residential Treatment Services (DARTS) model programs throughout the State of Oregon as part of an effort to develop community-based alternatives to institutional placement of children.  These program models were replicated in other counties throughout Oregon and continue to be an integral part of the state’s services for children. These services maintain the original focus of serving children in their home community, in the least-restricted setting, with a strong emphasis on family involvement throughout the treatment process.

Certifications and Licensure

Family Solutions programs are licensed by Oregon Department of Human Services and certified by Oregon Mental Health and Addiction Services. We are members of United Way of Jackson County.

Our Board

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