Foster Parenting: Would We Do It Again? Yes, Yes, and Yes!

Oct 26, 2014 | Foster Parenting

Here is a little bit about our experience as foster parents. We have been foster parents for about 15 years and decided to work with Family Solutions because of all the extra support we get from them. We started our journey thinking we would be able to help out and affect a bunch of kids. That was not necessarily the case.

Our first child was with us for seven weeks and then was reunited with his adoptive family. The next child we took into care was a boy named “Andy” who was eight years old. He and his brother had been in the system since he was three. All we asked of him was to partner with us, and we would make his life better. He is a 22-year-old man now and recently graduated from the Job Corps. Andy had no family support that could take him in, and we knew this from the beginning. Andy is our son and presently living on our property.

We also had a girl during the raising of Andy. She stayed with us for nine years, and at 19, she could go back and live with her biological family. We still keep in contact with her, and she is doing well. After that, we did some shorter placements anywhere between six months to two years, and most of them returned home to family. When we originally started doing foster care, we thought we would be a blessing to some kids. As it turns out, they not only became members of our family but are a huge blessing to us. If we had the choice to do it all over again, would we? Yes, Yes, and Yes. Has it all been easy? No, but it was so worth the journey. You will laugh, love, and cry with these kids, and in the end, they become your family, too.


Michael & Becky Giudici

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