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Psychiatric Day Treatment is an intensive five-day-per-week program for children with severe emotional and behavioral issues. With sites in Jackson (The Summit, Ashland) and Josephine (River Bend, Grants Pass) Counties, the program offers individual, group, and family therapy; regular and special education services; and individual and group skills training in a therapeutic environment. Family Solutions Day Treatment provides an alternative to residential care, allowing children to remain at home during intensive treatment. The average length of stay is 10 months, after which most children successfully transition back to their regular school. The Day Treatment Programs are located in Ashland (ages 5–12) and Grants Pass (ages 3–12).

Treatment Approach

The Day Treatment Program offers a combination of intensive mental health treatment, regular and special education, skills training, and family therapy. Recreational, arts and craft activities and group outings are also provided. Children remain in their own homes while attending this year-round program, which children attend in place of public school. Treatment planning is highly individualized, building on each child’s and family’s strengths. Family involvement in service planning, family therapy, and care coordination in the program is essential to the child’s success in the program. For information and referrals, contact

The programs use both Collaborative Problem Solving and Positive Behavioral Supports with the belief that children do as well as they can and are in need of improving their skills (with support) to be able to be more successful in school, at home, and in the community.


The Day Treatment Program integrates the following treatment modalities to meet the individual needs of each child and family.

Individual Therapy. The child meets regularly with a master’s level therapist for psychotherapy. Therapeutic techniques include Collaborative Problem Solving; Cognitive Behavioral Therapy; Dialectical Behavior Therapy: and Play or Art Therapy: the use of sand tray techniques.

Family Therapy. Because it is essential that families participate in the treatment process, master’s level therapists provide family therapy on a regular basis. The goal is to improve family interactions and functioning. Natural support systems within the family, the extended family, and the family’s network of supportive relationships are strengthened and included in the treatment process. In addition, the family therapist works toward integrating the child and family into their community. Services are provided in the office, through home visits, or in the community as needed.

Regular and Special Education. Multi-grade special education is integrated within each child’s individual treatment program. We focus on building their basic academic skills while improving the social skills necessary for the child’s return to a public school setting.

Skills Training. Both individual and group skills training is provided to assist the child in improving their social skills. Staff work with the child throughout the day in assisting them either in the academic setting or during recreational times. Psycho-educational groups focus on anger management, self-esteem, bullying, friendship skills, etc.

Service Planning. Individualized service plans are developed with the child, family, and treatment team which includes goals and desired outcomes. These plans are reviewed monthly with the treatment team and revised as needed.

Psychiatric Oversight. A child psychiatrist oversees the service plans and assesses each child to determine any medication or physical health needs while they are in the program. She attends quarterly service review meetings and consults with the treatment team on an ongoing basis.

More Information

Contact Family Solutions for more details about the Day Treatment Program.

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